Travel Tips

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Getting There

This year we are going to quiz at Lee's Summit Christian Academy in Kansas City, Missouri. We're so excited to host you there!

For more information about the school visit www.summit-christian-academy.org

Booking Your Hotel
Rooms are blocked under “National JBQ Festival.”  To get the listed rates, you must book the rooms through this block.
Rooms must be booked by Sunday, May 19 to receive the quoted rates.  Booking in the hotels that are working with the Festival helps us to keep our registration costs down. Please help us ensure that the Festival works for everyone and stay in the hotels we have set up.
Your confirmation email, after registration, will include hotel booking instructions.
You will get a list of the hotels at a later date.
Nearby Attractions

While you're here, make sure to taste some of the city with your team. The Kansas City area has just about everything everywhere else does. However, you don't want to leave without trying some of their unique local places. Something like Fritz' Railroad Restaurant, Jack Stack BBQ, Mission Taco, Silas and Maddies (ice cream), Soda Shop in River Market.


There is great shopping around the Kansas City Area. Check out the Oak Park Mall, the Country Plaza District, or Legends Outlets. However, please do not break the 10th Commandment.


Make sure to cultivate memories with your teams and families. While you are in town, have an adventure at some one-of-a-kind attractions.

1) Worlds of Fun (Amusement Park)

2) Oceans of Fun (Water Park)

3) Science City at Union Station

4) Wonderscope Children's Museum