How Teams Qualify

for the National JBQ Festival

         Each District Champion is automatically qualified but must declare intent to attend the Festival at their District competition. If the District Champion chooses not to attend the National Festival, the District Coordinator should select the next qualified team from that District.

          Each Regional competition will qualify 6 teams not previously qualified at the District competition. Only 3 of these Regional qualifiers may come from anyone District. Regional qualifiers must declare intent to attend the Regional competition. At large invitations from the Festival committee will be issued in the following manner:

1) Any team which participated in and presents statistics from an in-person quiz meet will receive primary consideration.

2) Any team which utilized Autoquiz for quizzing over the entire Fact-Pak will receive consideration. (for more information about Autoquiz, please contact Larry Mullins – email: larrymullins1@gmail.com)

3) Any other team without the above credentials may petition the Festival committee for consideration.

How Individual Quizzers

Qualify for the National JBQ Festival

1. Teams that come to regionals and do not qualify for nationals and their team does not get an invitation. Only one quiz from each team can apply.

2. Then teams that do not qualify for regionals and did not get an invitation for nationals, one person per team can apply.

3. Programs from very small churches that maybe only have one strong quizzer can apply.

4. Missionary kids or evangelist kids that parents are using JBQ and they can’t quiz on another team.

5. A family that has a child that is not on a team but has to earn at least an Achiever seal that wants to quiz.

6. A child on a team that qualified but for some hardship reason, the team couldn’t come we would consider that one child.

7. Others that the National Festival committee determines this is not taking away from the team concept and the team competition.

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