​How to Qualify for the 2020 National Junior Bible Quiz Festival 


Note:  If your qualifying tournament is held after the registration deadline, you must immediately notify the National Festival Coordinator.

  1. Each district champion is automatically qualified, but must register by April 16, 2019. No District registrations will be accepted after that date.  If the District Champion chooses not to attend the National Festival, the District Coordinator should select the next qualified team from that District.  Registration fee is $225

  2. All District qualifiers must register for the National Festival by April 16, 2019 (no exceptions).  Should a District qualifier choose not to register for the National Festival, they may not re-qualify at the Regional Tournament.

  3. Each Regional competition will qualify 5 teams not previously qualified at the District competition.  Only 3 of these Regional qualifiers may come from any one District.

  4. Regional qualifiers must register by May 7, 2019 (no exceptions).  Registration fee is $225.00 per team.

  5. “At large” invitations from the Festival committee will begin starting Wednesday, May 8, 2019.   If you receive a call, you must be prepared to answer “yes” or “no” immediately.


All teams must bring a quiz box and two officials.

For more information or questions:


Pastor Barry

email: kidsrap@juno.com

First Assembly of God

Church 260-490-8585

Cell 260-760-4314