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Prepare for the
2016 National JBQ Festival
June 9 - 11, 2016
Sheffield Family Life Center
Kansas City, MO
The cost of this years Festival is $185.00. We are working hard to keep the cost at this level again for this year.
We need everyone to help in doing that. One of those places is when we open registration and you complete your registration, we will send you a list of hotels we have set up agreements with so we can recieve compensation rooms when the festival attendees book a certain number of rooms. If the attendees (you) don't use those hotels it hurts us and we have to look at raising the price.
In other areas we need your help to promptly respond to requests from our volunteers. They are all giving of their time to make this all possible and if you are not responsive to the information they need it makes it difficult to have a successful festival.

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